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How to load a Spain background map in Wahoo devices

Even on coach-led rides at a cycling camp, it's important for everyone to run the day's route on their head unit. There are at least two good reasons for this.

First, while unlikely, there's always the chance you may become separated from the group, and we want you to be able to find your way back if you do. If you get off course, having background maps installed will allow you to navigate safely back to the planned route.

Second, if you're running the route and have background maps installed, you'll be able to "see" the road ahead, meaning you'll be aware of upcoming curves, turns, crossroads, etc. Some of you will find this useful.

Loading maps on a Wahoo head unit

To download or update background maps on your Wahoo head unit, first turn your ELEMNT, BOLT, or ROAM on and make sure it's connected to your phone, then follow the steps below.

  1. Open the ELEMNT app on your phone.

  2. Go to the Settings page and select the device to which you're connected.

  3. Select "Manage maps" (you’ll have to scroll down a bit). This screen will tell you what maps you have loaded, and offer you the option of adding more maps.

If you're adding the Spain map for the first time:

Tap "Add More Maps," select "Europe," and tap "Spain."

If you're updating an already-downloaded Spain map:

Select "Europe" and find "Spain." If there's a little blue cloud icon next to Spain, an update is available; simply tap to download.

Hint: As far as I can tell, Wahoo wants you to keep the ELEMNT app open to complete the download.


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