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How to load a Mallorca map to your Garmin

As we prepare to travel to Spain for our cycling camp in Mallorca, it's a great idea to load the area map to your head unit in advance. Here's how!

Step 1: Download the map

Click here and save the map file to your desktop by following the instructions below. The map is a gmasupp file, and your computer likely will not be able to open it (it's made for your head unit, not a computer), so you may receive a warning when downloading the file, but it is safe.

  1. Click or tap the "Download" button at the top or middle of the screen.

  2. Wait till you see the download item or success message in your browser.

  3. Select the downloaded file and click "Show in Folder" or similar (image below).

  4. When the location folder opens, click the downloaded map file and drag it to your computer Desktop.

Step 2: Load the map to your head unit

  1. Connect your Garmin to your computer via its USB cable and wait till it is recognized.

  2. Using your computer's file explorer, navigate to and open your connected device.

  3. Select the "Garmin" folder and open it.

  4. Drag and drop the downloaded gmapsupp file from your Desktop into the Garmin folder (location #4 in the image below).

  5. Eject your Garmin and shut it down.

Step 3: Test the map

If you want to test the map, load this test route in Mallorca, restart your head unit, and then tap NAVIGATION > Saved Courses > A Day at the Track > Ride. When the route loads, select the view map.

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