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Hans's story: a successful season

Hans was a member of the 2020-2021 BaseCamp session, and he shared this report of his race season following BaseCamp.

I just want to reach out to you and the rest of the BaseCamp team and give you a little update and a BIG KUDOS for your super coaching. Sometimes you don't realize the help you got before some times is my later.

I ended BaseCamp a little early due to my build-up to the first B race needing to begin.

I broke free from the group in the B race and rode solo 36 km to the finish line.

But more importantly: My A races are a summer cup of 8 races with 10 local clubs.

  • 1st A race - a TT 19.3 km: I got 1st with 1 min 10 sec to 2nd

  • 2nd A race - a 75km crit: I got 1st with an uphill sprint 2 sec to 2nd

  • 3rd race - a 65km crit: I got 1st with a solo ride the last 45 km with 1 min 6 sec to 2nd

The last round was with cramps and Amber and Tim in my head: "Just to the next bend" and "breathe, breathe."

So please send my regards to the team and thank them. Hopefully, the rest of the cup races will work in the same style.


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