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Carl's story: 96th year birthday ride

To celebrate his 96th birthday, Carl Grove and his friend Myron rode 96 miles on three different bikes throughout the day.

  • First segment: Road bike, 40 miles

  • Second segment: Arm-powered bike, 20 miles

  • Third segment: Elliptigo bike, 20 miles

  • Fourth segment: Road bike, 16 miles (plus 4 more miles to round it up to 100)

Here's what Carl's coach, Kathy Watts, wrote about him:

Tim Cusick and I met Carl Grove many years ago at a cycling camp. Before the camp, we coaches were worried about how well an 80-year-old could keep up with our largely 30- and 40-year-old group, but as it turned out, Carl fit right in and led the B group with a strong performance. At this camp, Carl said that he had talked with his wife and decided to go after his dreams of a world championship title, so he wanted to hire a coach to achieve these dreams. Fast forward several years, and we see Tim leading Carl to all kinds of victories: state and national championships, then world championships! Carl won both the time trial and the road race at Worlds. As Carl moved into his 90s, I started coaching Carl and led him to numerous national track victories, most notably the one-hour world record.

Happy birthday, Carl!


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