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Brenda's story: Paris to Ancaster

BaseCamp alum Brenda Cole shared her experience at the 2023 Paris to Ancaster race in Ontario.

P2A, Paris to Ancaster Ontario, done. My third year of BaseCamp and my second year of racing in the above 55 and really loving it. You guys have got me hooked on the all this crazy fun. Can't believe how many classic mistakes I made on this race like waiting too long to go to the toilet, taking off my gloves in the rain ( I crossed the start line dead last with the announcer mocking me about my gloves). It quickly got better when this fast guy waited for me and we sprinted to catch up...10 minutes later I went to drink...from my Camelback which had all my nutrition when the mouthpiece came apart and then all off my fluid and calories leaked out of my backpack and down my leg...not as bad as you might think, as it was pouring rain. That was it...lost my fast guy and stuck at the back. But still had the best time chasing all day. The race is known for two famous mud chutes, but all of the off-road was insane mud, so much I can say gravel racers...I got my mud badge yesterday. Keep tipping the fun scale 🎈❤️❣️🤣


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