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Beth's story: Flint Hills Gravel

BaseCamp group coaching member Beth Huffaker shares her experience at the 2024 Flint Hills Gravel Ride/Run in Kansas.

First race of the year yesterday, first on the new Lauf, first with the new Garmin Edge beep, beep, beeping at me due to enabling the low power notification. I argued with it all the way through…but it’s the headwind, quit beeping at me!! 😁

I missed meeting up with Sue Shirley-Hageman again this year as I got to the line just as the race started. I was at the back of the pack and behind slower riders until the road opened up to get around them. I had a blast chasing down group after group until I couldn’t at the end. I unofficially finished second in my age group. Never did catch Sue though…just like on Zwift! 😏 And as always, so grateful for this community and coaching!! Have a great week everyone. 😎


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