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BaseCamp: a poem

Ise Ruetz is a faithful BaseCamp member and alumnus, and at the end of the 2021 program, she wrote this poem about her experience. Thanks, Ise!!

Leaves are falling, winter is here,

Rides outside are over, shed a tear.

Do I ride that trainer for another lonely season?

Come on!! All I want is one good reason.

Well look: Basecamp signup just came out,

Probably much fun, without a doubt.

Cycle 1 is slow and steady,

Looks like I am actually ready.

Long weekend rides make soar butts,

This Basecamp Team is truly nuts!

Cycle 2: alright lets dig a little deeper,

Alpe de (!!) Zwift should not be steeper!!

So many things to learn and do,

Just ask the stellar coaching crew.

Mash potatoes, tip the cow,

Be curious just like a turtle now.

Cycle 3 is starting fierce and roaring,

TSS at all time high, with FTP just soaring.

TT with Amber at the front,

I can’t keep up, I loudly grunt.

Rest is needed to get faster,

We better listen, Tim’s the master!!

Cycle 4: you cannot cheat,

It’s really hard, I feel the heat!

Just suck it up and feel the pain,

This better not be all in vain.

Weekend challenge comes around.

Looks like the team is gravel bound.

Day one is over, we were strong!

Tomorrow we will all go long!

Crush Jim is what I really want to do,

I tried real hard but then turned blue.

Last FTP test in the books,

New kits arrive and help my looks!

Do something great this summer, have a blast!

Training will pay off and you’ll go fast.

I hope to see you all again late in the fall,

I am tired now, goodbye, that’s all!!

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Lisa Dattilo
Lisa Dattilo
Mar 23, 2021

So lovely and true!

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