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Anneke's story: Southern Enduro QECP Mashup

BaseCamp alumnus Anneke Prins shares her experience at the 2022 Southern Enduro QECP Mashup.

I was really hoping the organiser would post podium photos, but alas...I raced two weekends ago at the Southern Enduro gravity event near Queen Elizabeth Country Park here in the UK. It was an extremely hot (for the UK!) 88F so I decided to opt for the BaseCamp Mallorca jersey instead of my usual MTB shirt. It just seemed cooler (and matched my blue and yellow shorts well!). I also thought it would be a laugh to have a roadie jersey on an enduro podium should I be lucky enough to make the cut (which I did! Yay! 🥉). This photog's colour choices have turned everything yellow into a sallow grey (my knee protectors are bright yellow!) but it was my favourite photo of the bunch, and at least you can see I was repping BaseCamp in this race! 🥰

I'm now stepping away from competition and taking a break from constant 4-hour bike rides - switching to extracurricular studies, snowboarding, cycle-commuting, and aiming to get my full motorbike license. I'm looking forward to winding down before hitting BaseCamp again at the end of the year!! 🙌 (Yes, I've booked my spot. 😉 )


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