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Anneke's story: Sisters of Send Women's Mountain Bike Festival

BaseCamp alum Anneke Prins shared her experience at the 2023 Sisters of Send Women's Mountain Bike Festival in South Wales.

Several years ago now, Rebecca Rusch asked me if we didn't have anything like Sea Otter or the Gold Rusch tour in the UK. Back then, it was scarce as hen's teeth, but I am happy to report that women's MTB festivals are becoming more abundant (and accessible to us flatlanders in the south!). This past weekend I attended the Sisters of Send MTB festival held near Afan forest in Wales, now in its second year of existence. It is an immense learning experience -- everything from skills coaching, 4X racing and hitting the trails in the bike park, to learning to cope with poor (sometimes nonexistent) phone signal, few toilets, sparse camping equipment (I only have a lean bikepacking setup) and spending loads of time with other people (when you're used to being a bit of a loner). The stoke was high and the support from other women was, as always, incredible. Below are a few of my favourite photos.


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