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Anneke's story: Pedalhounds 2022

BaseCamp member Anneke Prins shared her experience at the Pedalhounds MTB-EMBT Enduro.

I capped off over-reach week with an enduro race yesterday. It was just so much fun - there were beginners, regular attendees and even a current pro DH rider (Brendan Fairclough - why anyone who has ridden Red Bull Rampage would come race Pedalhounds in the flatness of Hampshire is beyond me 😅). There were 5 stages that you had to do a minimum of 2 times and a max of 4, with no pre-race riding allowed. I managed to walk most of the stages before we started, which helped, but for the first time ever the routes seemed easier on my bike than when I looked at it on foot! I came third in my category which is partially a reflection of the size of the field (6 riders in my case), but it is miles from where I started a couple of years ago, and I am pleased.

Special shout out to the photographer who took this shot - he was whooping and hollering every time I rode past. Yeah man, I do love the aero speed tuck!! 🤘 (Always worth supporting the local photographers who spend a day lying in the mud 😆, pay them what they’re due!)


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