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Amy's story: Monster Cross

BaseCamp member Amy Fowler shared her experience at the 2023 Monster Cross event in Pocahontas State Park in Virginia.

So hard! So awesome! This was a 50-mile gravel course consisting of two 25-mile laps. There were no big climbs, just a lot of rollers which made for constant pedaling. Started hard, eased up after the first 5 miles or so. Kept pushing the pace. Had a target completion of 4 hours, which I just missed. Legs felt like crap, but they kept moving. I had Amber in my head whenever I felt like giving up... "the power is in you." And it was. Started cramping in lap 2 and had to ease up a bit in order to get the salt stick tablets in me, which helped ease the cramps but didn't last long. I kept up with hydration really well and not bad with nutrition. Eating while on bike is a limiter for me which I am working on.

Unfortunately I finished last in my age group, which felt very defeating as I felt I raced hard and gave it my best. I haven't been riding long and only started racing gravel last year. Also being in the Master age group, I am racing people who may have been at this for a lot longer than me. While I realize that, it's still frustrating!!

Overall it was a great day and with 60° temps it felt amazing to just be in bib and a jersey, no cold weather gear needed!

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Nate M
Nate M
Feb 24, 2023

Great job Amy! I did that event also and it was a great way to start the season. Don't get down on yourself, use these races to practice what you are learning from Basecamp, test out your own strategies that work for you. It will click as you get more experience. Keep it up!

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