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Allison's story: Oregon Coast Gravel Epic

BaseCamp athlete Allison White shared her experience at the 2024 Oregon Coast Gravel Epic and the 2024 West Coast Gravel event.

Steve and I raced the Oregon Coast Gravel Epic Saturday and West Coast Gravel on Sunday. It was a VERY wet weekend on the Oregon coast.

Steve did the long course both days and I did the short. I joked that this was the only way for us to race. On Saturday with 440 yards to go to the remote finish, he caught me! Was fun to finish together. On Sunday, I pulled off the "win."

This was my first real weekend of outside riding since gravel camp, and I focused on the skills we learned. I've been making some changes with MyVeloFit this winter, particularly shortening my stem and increasing the stack. It was the first time I've ever felt really comfortable descending in the drops, and it was night and day different!

At the remote finish on day 1. Steve caught me with 440 yards to go and we finished within 37 seconds of each other…despite Steve doing a lot more miles and climbing 😆

Start of day 2 in Yachets. Steve in yellow. My best friend from preschool, Zach, on my other side and his good friend Chris. We were led to believe that Sunday would be drier, but it dumped on us and everyone was pretty cold. But we all finished!


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