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Aaron's story: CO2UT Stegosaurus

BaseCamp alum Aaron Bandell shared his experience at the 2023 CO2UT Stegosaurus gravel race in Colorado.

First race/event of the season. Co2uT Stegosaurus 75. Aside from the false advertising—our course did not get to Utah, and it was 80 miles—it was a fantastic day. Finally got to meet and ride with fellow BaseCamper Josh Rhea. The course magically pulled every bump from every Colorado road onto one course for the day. It was hard on the hands. I've never had blisters on my hands from cycling. Now I have. I lit a big match bridging onto a group early. Not sure if it was a great idea, but it seemed to work out okay. There were a lot of wonderful people out pushing themselves today. Somehow I ended up on the podium for my age group.


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