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Week 8 Training Preview

This is our second rest week. At this point, we're probably able to recognize the need to rest and how our workout success rate improves when we do it right. Let's use this week to absorb and respond to the previous cycle while setting ourselves up to take on Cycle 3. The next cycle is heavy, and it's the money cycle, so let's make sure we're mentally and physically ready to make the most of it.

Learning: Training Load and Progression

Progression is one of the key components to training effectively and seeing change. Understanding how to monitor load and measure progression will help us make better decisions as we work toward our goals.

Week Objectives

  • Rest

  • Rest

  • Catch up on body care; be good with nutrition and hydration

  • This week is a great week to review the learning from the first two cycles

Coach Tips

  • Be disciplined with the rest week, commit to the three days

  • Gentle walking is great for all of our systems

  • If your body needs some help and care, this is a great week to address that


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