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Week 7 Training Preview

This week features another Sweet Spot workout. Focus on just being in the zone. Let's use our breathing techniques and settle into the rhythm of the workout. The Thursday workout will be challenging! It's harder than it looks and will make for some fun training while also prepping us for an ascent of the Alpe du Zwift.

Learning: Stress and Strain Scoring (TSS)

We can measure external load via power, but how do we track internal strain? What's the difference between stress and strain? Are there ways to see this in the data? How can we use TSS to help us train better? Stay tuned!

Week Objectives

  • Standing vs sitting on the bike

  • Maximizing the second interval

  • A long Tempo-ish climb

Coach Tips

This week is a great way to feel the differences between sitting and standing. One of the most common questions we get about this is when to sit and when to stand; the answer often has to do with how your body manages the efforts. Explore the edges on Thursday and Saturday.


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