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Week 6 Training Preview

This week we begin to think about LT1 and how to use it to better target our endurance rides as our fitness changes through the training cycle. We're continuing to accumulate time in Zones 2 and 3, with more being shifted to Zone 3. The Tuesday workout will spin our anaerobic plate; even though we aren't focusing on this system right now, we want to dose in a workout for maintenance and to break the training monotony.

Learning: LT1 and targeting endurance

There are two thresholds! This week we'll introduce the first threshold and talk about how to use it and why it is important.

Week Objectives

  • Training intensity picks up a little this week, so let's continue to be good with the four Rs.

  • Practice the alphabet test on Wednesday's workout.

  • Continue to practice Gear 1 and 2 breathing on the bike when it comes to mind.

Coach Tips

  • Don’t try to destroy yourself on Tuesday. Continue to think of the big picture. More is not always better.

  • Do some extra body care after the Tuesday workout. No body is perfect, so as you increase the power for the first time, be aware of tightness and little things you can address now while they are still minor issues.


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