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Week 3 Training Preview

We'll continue to work in Endurance (Zone 2) this week while dosing in some Tempo via the cadence manipulation drills. Continue to stay patient and find your rhythm. Work the cadences at a level that is relatively high or low for you; this will continue to help build your coordination while the training intensity is lower.

Learning: Biomechanics and Bike Fit

Staying healthy is a key to training and longevity in the sport of cycling, and a fundamental element of staying health and being able to train is understanding why bike fit matters and how it can impact our power, efficiency, and health. Any problems with bike fit will be magnified as we ride more indoors and are locked on a trainer, so this is a great week to tune in to our bodies and double check our fit.


This week you will begin to see some guidance in your workouts on breathing. We will cover this in detail in week 5 of the program, but you can learn more by taking our breathing course here.

Week Objectives

  • Continue to build the cadence work

  • Continue to accumulate time in Zone 2

  • Do a body check this week as we begin to spend more time on the trainer

Coach Tips

  • Take time to double check your bike fit or work through the process

  • Stay patient. You're doing great working in Zone 2!

  • Soak in the feel of Zone 2. Feeling your zones is a skill. Hopefully by now you've begun to get an accurate idea of what Zone 2 is. This is sometimes harder than we think, however, and it may require more focus for some of us than others.


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