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Week 14 Training Preview

Our workouts this week include Power Twos, strong Sweet Spot, and challenging fatigue-resistant Tempo. We're still pushing power, while also continuing to work the aerobic engine with Sweet Spot and Tempo work. This will continue to give us the right balance within the goals of the training cycle. It's important to push the Tuesday workout and be uncomfortable, and don't sleep on the Saturday workout; the late Tempo work will not be as easy as it looks!

Learning: Extensive Anaerobic, Buffer and Suffer

As we work harder over our threshold power, we're generating more lactate and hydrogen ions. Instead of the baths of lactic acid we've been using to help develop the enzymes to manage the water level (think hard starts and over/under), we're now opening the floodgates. These workouts overwhelm our system with the hydrogen ions, which will cause us to suffer but also help us learn to buffer better.

Week Objectives

  • Push power on Tuesday. After the first effort, be uncomfortable and practice the suffer.

  • Aim for a strong Sweet Spot workout on Thursday. After the first interval, work the zone and push that Sweet Spot across the remaining intervals.

  • Continue to be good with resting.

  • Use Wednesday to balance Tuesday and Thursday.

Coach Tips

  • Cover your power meter on Tuesday and dig it out!

  • Make sure to hydrate and fuel well. Don't let something you can control prevent you from having a good workout.

  • Saturday will be a great challenge, but no matter how you feel on the last interval, keep pedaling!

1 Comment

Ken Carl
Ken Carl
Feb 27, 2023

“Don't let something you can control prevent you from having a good workout.”…powerful reminder and an important lesson. Another gold nugget from the base camp brain trust. Thanks Amber.

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