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Week 13 Training Preview

This week kicks off our last training cycle in BaseCamp! It's time to push the power. Until now we've been very deliberate about working subthreshold and more not being more, but the next three weeks will take the reins off, because we want to work at a more extensive anaerobic power level and pull from above. This week we start by introducing our first workout at FTP power and above, and we'll follow that up with a heavy Sweet Spot workout and some anaerobic endurance on the weekend. The first week of a cycle always sets off the alarm and sets the progression stage for the training cycle.

Learning: Raise the Roof (VO2max)

All the extensive and intensive aerobic work we've done in the first three training cycles has helped develop our aerobic engines. Remember Coach Tim's picture of his little stick person in a stick house? The person has grown so tall in the house that his head has hit the ceiling. The house needs a taller roof! It's the same with our aerobic engines. We've built capacity and the ability to do work, and now we need to raise the roof. We'll do this by pushing suprathreshold and VO2max power. This is all above-threshold work that will push or pull that roof up so we have more space to grow!

Week Objectives

  • Use the strategies we've learned to complete three good intervals to the power next level

  • Reset your mind and get ready to be uncomfortable in training; Tuesday requires us to push power

  • Be patient in Thursday's Sweet Spot workout; don't turn it into FTP work

  • Set yourself up for success in Week 3

Coach Tips

  • Fuel accordingly for the at- and over-threshold work.

  • This week will feel hard; that's good!

  • Always be learning; use Tuesday to test the waters.


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