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Week 11 Training Preview

This is the money week of the money cycle! This might be the first true overreach week for some of us; our legs will be a little heavier, and we'll be carrying some general fatigue. This is good! It means we are in a perfect position to functionally overreach this week.

We have three days of Sweet Spot with the most intervals and longest duration to date. Hopefully you set yourself up for success by being diligent with the work and recovery the first two weeks. This week don't worry about how you feel; just get through the work!

Learning: Overreach

The magic to a successful training program is understanding how to create progressive overload and functionally overreach just enough before rest is required. We do this in Cycle 3 by progressing the total TSS, total volume, and Sweet Spot time in zone each week, building off the previous cycles. Part of the progression and the ability to overreach comes from first developing the resilience needed to train; the more we train, the more we can train, and the more we will need to train to overreach.

Week Objectives

  • Three big workouts!

  • Go extra long Sunday if you have extra time

  • Manage the early efforts and work the late ones

Coach Tips

  • It's extremely important to be on top of your nutrition and hydration this week. You need more fuel off the bike than you have been eating in previous weeks.

  • Take care of your body as the fatigue builds.

  • Go for a walk on Friday instead of a ride.

  • If you feel good on Wednesday, be disciplined and don't push it; save the power for Thursday and Saturday!


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