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Workout preview: Sweet Spot Climbing Power Steps, Week 10, Thursday

Use a medium climbing block for this workout. We're beginning to think about maximum gain for minimum fatigue; don't get sucked into riding too hard.

Turn ERG off for the intervals. If you're nervous about the steps, do the first one in ERG to feel the changes and then turn ERG off for the second.

1. Warm up as usual with three progressive fast pedals after some light spinning and endurance.

2. There are only a few minutes before the long intervals. We'll need to be ready to go quicker than we typically start the harder work, so fuel and hydrate well before.

3. Each Sweet Spot interval ramps cadence from low to high and finishes with a final two-minute high-cadence power push to the finish.

  1. The first 5 minutes are at lower cadence. This allows us to recruit muscle fibers in a certain order.

  2. The next 14 minutes are at medium cadence and similar Sweet Spot power. Let's focus on our breathing in this extended section while the medium/lower cadence helps manage our heart rate.

  3. The next 3 minutes are at high cadence. Focus to spin the power here. As muscles fatigue and we recruit more fibers, this will be a difficult but doable shift.

4. We finish with a strong 2-minute push. Make the power with whatever cadence you need.

5. Recover and cool down. Good work!


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