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Coach Len Pettyjohn



Vero Beach, Florida

Years training:


Years coaching:


Cycling disciplines:

Road, gravel

I am a coach because I am a teacher (I retired in 1989 from a career as a college professor). I am obsessed with helping riders get stronger, faster, and safer in all aspects of cycling. My coaching development began with international-level juniors (multiple national and world championship medalists) and amateur-level men and women (multiple national, Olympic, and world championship medalists) and moved to world-class professionals (Tour de France and world championship-level riders). I am now exclusively coaching riders over the age of 50, because I feel I have a deep personal level of experience with older rider performance and recovery (multiple national and world championship medalists over the age of 60).


Beyond coaching I have organized dozens of national-level cycling events. Among my earliest events I created were event/race courses for road bikes that used sections of dirt and gravel in the 1980s and 90s. I was accused by multiple riders of secretly working for the bike industry to destroy wheels and bikes on unsafe and dangerous roads, and I now have a perverse sense of satisfaction that my gravel interest was a precursor for modern cycling.

Events I've participated in:

  • 1984 Olympic Games

  • 1988 Olympic Games

  • World Championships 1980 to 2012

  • Tour de France 1989 and 1990

  • USA National Championships 1980 to present

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