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Coach Jim Pomeroy

Coach Jim Pomeroy
Coach Jim Pomeroy
Coach Jim Pomeroy


York, Pennsylvania

Years training:


Years coaching:


Cycling disciplines:

Road, gravel, hand cycling

My passion for cycling was rekindled after leaving the U.S. Submarine Force and moving to York, Pennsylvania. I restarted training slowly, balancing it with my career and raising two daughters with my wife. JoAnn did most of the heavy lifting as I spent ten years working rotating shift work. 

It took me eleven years to dip my toe into racing, but soon afterward, I jumped into the deep end and loved it. Along the way I supported various charity rides, including The Multiple Sclerosis Society, since I have a personal connection to the disease. Since retiring I now have the opportunity to partner more fully with athletes, helping them meet and exceed their goals.

Off the bike and being retired, I have more time to spend with JoAnn, traveling to Northern Virginia to see our daughters' families and doting on our four grandchildren.

Here are a few of my favorite achievements:

  • USA Cycling Level 3 and TrainingPeaks Power-Certified coach

  • WKO5 software user

  • Local road race director

  • 100+ races, including road, crits, and TTs

  • A founding member of the Dover, PA BaseCamp (pre Zwift) 

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