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Coach Liz Inglese


Solvang, California

Years training:


Years coaching:


Cycling disciplines:

Road, gravel, multi-day, time trial


My love for sports is why I coach athletes, live with athletes, dress like an athlete, and eat like an athlete. And "cycling is life!" It has not always been about cycling; I played tennis for the University of Arizona, ran various marathons, participated in numerous triathlons, and scaled mountains. However, the world of performance as a cyclist and the philosophy of BaseCamp to create unique athletes has captured my commitment in making a difference with others. 

My Philosophy

Coaching is the discovery of two human beings trusting and empowering each other to levels of performance that were not even imaginable, and celebrating each moment of newness and growth to allow for the next space of trust and performance to arise. So no matter where you are in the spectrum of fitness/conditioning or cycling skill, there are always new levels of fitness, durability, and skill to achieve.

Personal victories and highlights:

Athlete Testimonials

Liz is an amazing coach. She reminds me, and encourages me to be on my best growing edge and she sets up my workouts and our review/check in zoom calls so that I achieve (and adjust as needed) my short and long term goals. She is creative in the way she designs “what’s next.” It’s fun, grounding, and an intelligent coaching experience - and challenges me to grow and succeed.   - Kathy L.

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