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Coach Liz Inglese


Solvang, California

Years training:


Years coaching:


Cycling disciplines:

Road, gravel, multi-day, time trial


My love for sports is why I coach athletes, live with athletes, dress like an athlete, and eat like an athlete. And "cycling is life!" It has not always been about cycling; I played tennis for the University of Arizona, ran various marathons, participated in numerous triathlons, and scaled mountains. However, the world of performance as a cyclist and the philosophy of BaseCamp to create unique athletes has captured my commitment in making a difference with others. 

My Philosophy

Coaching is the discovery of two human beings trusting and empowering each other to levels of performance that were not even imaginable, and celebrating each moment of newness and growth to allow for the next space of trust and performance to arise. So no matter where you are in the spectrum of fitness/conditioning or cycling skill, there are always new levels of fitness, durability, and skill to achieve.

Personal victories and highlights:

Athlete Testimonials

Liz has been great and a fantastic resource even though I'm still learning and figuring out what I want to get out of coaching.  - Jessie D.

Coach Liz is a gem! She's so easy to work with her: she's funny, she's kind, she's empathetic, and she's whip smart. After years of managing my own training with okay results, I finally decided to invest in a coach. In the three short months that we've been working together it's made such a big difference. Whether I have a planned vacation to work around, or a last minute change, Coach Liz is quick to adapt my training schedule. I don't have to worry about the day-to-day details, the data analysis, or the long view. I know that if I do the work she prescribes, I will improve. Coach Liz checks in with me frequently to ensure that I'm doing well. We talk frequently and she's always available by text. We discuss my goals, both big and small, and look at specific actions to achieve those goals. We examine my limiters and how we can make improvements, and we discuss how to capitalize on my strengths....I think my favorite part of our relationship is that I can lean on Liz. I don't have to mange my training, because she's watching over all aspects of the planning and my adaptations. I just have to do the work. I no longer have to second guess myself and wonder if my training is appropriate for me. Liz is quick to intuit if something is off with me. If my internal voice is unhappy with a recent workout performance, she's there to put things in perspective and help me reframe. Cycling can be lonely at times, but knowing Liz has my back makes it less so. 

She’s a terrific coach, and I love that she's also my friend.  - Susan G.

I have been working with Liz Inglese as my coach for almost 4 months now. As a 60-year-old lady who is relatively new to cycling (less than 3 years), my goals have been to increase power, prepare for a series of events (including 2 gran fondos), and try to up my speed a bit. Liz is helping me achieve all of these goals: she has designed spot-on training sessions and has been very interactive via TrainingPeaks and Zoom meetings. I highly recommend her! Looking forward to attending the Mallorca trip next year!  - Stacey P. 

Liz is an amazing coach. She reminds me, and encourages me to be on my best growing edge and she sets up my workouts and our review/check in zoom calls so that I achieve (and adjust as needed) my short and long term goals. She is creative in the way she designs “what’s next.” It’s fun, grounding, and an intelligent coaching experience - and challenges me to grow and succeed.   - Kathy L.

Recent Athlete Achievements
  • Nancy Mizak finished 3rd in her age group at the 2024 Cow Pie Classic 35-mile race

  • Tracy Gravlin finished 1st in her age group at the 2024 Cow Pie Classic 35-mile race

  • Tracy Gravlin finished 5th in her age division in the 2024 Barry-Roubaix 36 mile race

  • Susan Gillen came in first place in the 2024 100-mile Scratch Ankle Race in Florida

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