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BaseCamp Winter Group Coaching for Clubs and Teams

November – March
You set the goals.
We help you reach them.

Our winter group coaching program is a great way for clubs and teams to train and learn together all winter long with expert coaches. Stay in touch with other club members and meet new BaseCamp members, too! You will get faster and smarter.

If ten of your team or club's members sign up for BaseCamp (either by reserving a spot or signing up for the full membership), everyone saves $50! Feel free to download this flyer and pass it along to members for more information.

Team and club benefits include:

  • Special savings on membership

  • Club/team-branded landing page on the BaseCamp site

  • Zwift meetup rides with teammates and coaches

  • Access to all BaseCamp education, webinars, meetings, nutrition, strength, yoga, and more

  • Access to all coaches via private Facebook group for training questions and more

  • Free training plan advice for spring, summer, and fall training


Train with the team this winter! Join the BaseCamp community today.

BaseCamp group coaching is a one-of-a-kind training community that becomes a collaboration with cycling clubs around the country. It's a world-class, full-spectrum training program designed by Tim Cusick and his team of experts. The 16-week program features customized training plans, interactive group webinars, personalized feedback, online group workouts, and camaraderie with fellow riders to guide you through the training while keeping your stoke high. You'll also have your own branded page on our website for club members to visit and get information.

Join the community

Basecamp is unlike any training program you've known. It’s a four-month training plan. It's an online community of folks doing similar workouts. It’s organized Zwift rides with Basecamp coaches (if you're into that kind of thing). It's live and recorded training webinars. It's learning the why of the workouts you're doing. It's a forum for asking questions of professional coaches. Basecamp will help you make your winter training purposeful.

BaseCamp discount for clubs

If ten club members join BaseCamp (or reserve a spot), each one gets $50 off their BaseCamp membership. The discount will be granted as a coupon code for those who haven't yet paid the full membership or as a refund for those who have.

Interested in learning more?

Book a consultation or reach out by email, and we'll walk you through the process and help you make the best decision for your upcoming season.


Meet the BaseCamp team


Head Coach

Tim Cusick

  • Pro coach

  • 4 world championships

  • 17 national championships


Queen of Stoke

Rebecca Rusch

  • Adventure athlete

  • 7x world champion

  • Best-selling author



Namrita Brooke

  • PhD in Exercise Physiology

  • Masters nutrition

  • Endurance athlete


Sport Psychologist

Carrie Jackson

  • Performance and mental training

  • Certified mental performance consultant


Cycling Strength Trainer

Menachem Brodie

  • Strength coach for Israel Cycling

  • Vortex method

  • Author


The Team

World-Class Coaches

  • World-class coaches

  • Over 50 years of pro experience

  • All disciplines

The BaseCamp Community.

What makes it so amazing?


The 360° Program

BaseCamp blends the key elements of endurance performance into one program. Training, nutrition, strength, and biomechanics are the pillars of our program.

16 weeks of customized training

Head coaches Tim Cusick and Namrita Brooke design your cycling training program, customized to your event focus, training history, needs, and schedule. Nutrition and strength training are built in to maximize your results.

Tim Cusick USAC.jpg

Train with the team! 

Join us every Tuesday and Thursday on Zwift. Let's train together! 

Engaging community

Train where cyclists of all levels belong. BaseCamp is a vibrant, worldwide, social training community that trains together to motivate and help each other learn and grow. 

BaseCampers at RPI.jpg
Structured Training 3.jpg

Targeted, structured, and flexible

BaseCamp gives you a personalized training plan and workouts targeted at your ability and current fitness. Structured workouts are delivered to your head unit, online training system, phone, and/or email. 

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