Typical Day at Greenville Camp

A Typical Day at a Velocious Power Training Cycling Camp

Join the group for breakfast at the hotel buffet including a variety of hot and cold breakfast foods, including yogurts, cereal, fruits, eggs and other healthy choices.  Of course if you perfer to dine alone or with your spouse, it's up to you!
Dining at cycling camp in Spain
Man working on bicycle
We take care of all bike prep 
You don't need to worry about your bike. Our mechanics will build your bike upon arrival and take care of it throughout the week, keeping it clean, lubed, and ready to go each morning before the ride. 
Morning skills classes 
If you're interested in polishing up your bike-handling skills, our coaches will host drill sessions after breakfast on cornering, descending,  group paceline practice, and more.  Just let us know if there's anything specific you'd like to work on, and we'll build it in.   We usually focus on one or two skills and then use it on our ride throughout the day
cyclist riding around a cone
cyclists riding at cycling camp in Spain
Heading out for the day's ride 
The daily ride usually begins at about 10:00 a.m. Some long days start earlier, but we like to give everyone a leisurely morning before a full day of riding.  We will provide a selection of ride food, water, and drink mixes ready for your water bottle and back pockets, plus we have sag support along the way to supply more water, food, tools or clothing.  You choose your group based on whatever pace you want to ride each day. If you want to go on a leisurely ride one day and a fast ride the next, that's fine with us.   
Sprint Day and Team Strategy
Wednesday is usually Sprint Day! This is a favorite day for many campers! We ride as a group casually to our sprint destination, and then once there we will work on building good sprint form. Up your 5 sec sprint by 200 watts, just by finding your form! We then separate into teams 5 or 6 and have fun short "mock race finish" competitions with the different groups. It's a fun day for all! 
cyclist riding around a cone
Long Day Challenge with Race Finish
Whether you attempt the "long day" as a challenge to finish or if you choose to "race" it, this day is sure to be fun for all.  The long day usually pushes the 90- 100 mile mark.  
Some coaches participate in the "race"  and some work with the group that is riding for completion.  The sag will meet us along the way for extra supplies and water. 
long race day
power reviews
After-ride power reviews
Each day after rides, for those that are interested they can join Coach Tim Cusick and Coach Bobby Julich for daily power analysis.  Learn about how you can get faster and stronger this season, by just tweeking and understanding your data and performance.  Some days will be individual reviews and some days will be group discussion and data analysis.  If you want to chill for an hour and recover in your room, that's great too! 
Dinners are on your own in Greenville, but with the Riverplace section of Greenville where our hotel home base is, restaurants are everywhere.   For ease in dining, usually the campers and coaches separate into smaller groups of 6  and try some of the different eclectic restaurants. 
long race day

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