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Tim Cusick's Training Plans  

Train like a champion with plans from world champion coach Tim Cusick
Get on board with these all-new, cutting-edge training plans by master coach Tim Cusick. Tim is the TrainingPeaks WKO4 product leader, a master coach for Velocious Endurance Coaching, and the coach of the current world ITT champion, Amber Neben. Cusick brings a wealth of experience to his training plans, blending twenty years of expertise in training, racing, and data analytics with extensive empirical knowledge gained from coaching national and world champion pro and masters athletes. His unique, WKO4 data-driven style comes to life in these affordable training plans that allow everyone the opportunity to become a champion of their own events!
ilevel training plans based on WKO4 PD curve

Cutting-Edge Training Plans

Check out Tim's webinar on individualizing your training with WKO4
All of our training plans are written with both the new Coggan iLevels and the Coggan Classic Zones. The new Power Duration Curve iLevels plans work with WKO4 to take your training to the next level! Individualize your training based on your own numbers that change with you as you train!
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All of our plans come with a five-page instruction guide that includes:
  • Testing protocol
  • Understanding training levels and acronyms
  • Tips on workouts and adjusting workouts
  • Season overview with target TSS
Click here for a sample Training Plan Instruction Guide
  • Velocious coaching athlete Amber Neben

    Current World Champion Amber Neben

  • Velocious athlete Adam Bucklin

    Pro mt. biker and State Champion Adam Bucklin

  • Velocious coaching athlete Christina Probert-Turner

    State Cross Champion Christina Probert-Turner

  • Velocious coaching athlete Carson Miller

    US pro Carson Miller

Tim's coaching and experience are extensive
From road racing and time trialing to mountain and cyclocross, Tim has coached numerous state and world champions. 
Read about Adam Bucklin's comeback story
Read about Amber Neben's La Route victory
World ITT Champion Amber Neben
Training plans from the coach of
world ITT champion Amber Neben!
Coggan iLevels Plans
Tim's all-new WKO4 Power Duration iLevels plans will make the difference in your training this season! Your workout prescription will be individualized based on your data following the WKO4 Power Duration Curve as you gain fitness. iLevel plans are for the competitive, power-training cyclist who has a power meter and TrainingPeaks WKO4 software. 
Coggan Classic Plans 
These classic plans are designed for the competitive cyclist and include heart rate, power, and perceived exertion, with all-new progressive fatigue resistance and intensive workouts! All plans include predicted TSS and new, structured, ongoing testing.  
Masters or Standard Plan? 
Choosing the actual age range isn’t as important as choosing the recovery you need. The Masters plan includes more recovery time, so if you recover quickly and want more work, choose the standard plan; if you want more recovery, choose the Masters plan.

Coggan Classic Training Levels Plans, 8-12 hours per week

Coggan WKO4 PD Curve iLevels Plans, 8-12 hours per week

Coggan Classic Training Plans, Masters, 8-12 hours per week 

Coggan WKO4 Power Duration Curve iLevels Plans, Masters, 8-12 hours per week

Coggan Classic Time Trial Plans, 8-12 hours per week

Coggan Classic Mountain Bike and Trainer Plans, 8-12 hours per week

Velocious Endurance Coaching

  • Data-driven analytics through WKO4 for power, heart rate, and perceived exertion
  • Fully customized to individual strengths, weaknesses, and goals
  • Adapted to each athlete's needs
  • All cycling disciplines: road, TT, crit, track, cyclocross, MTB 
  • Advice and coaching in all aspects of cycling: race and event strategy, position, equipment, pedaling, and more
  • TrainingPeaks premium account included in package at no extra charge
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
Contact Kathy for pricing and more details
  • Velocious coaching athlete Amber Neben

    world and national champion Amber Neben

  • Velocious athlete Adam Bucklin

    Oregon state champion and pro mountain biker Adam Bucklin

  • Velocious coaching athlete Christina Probert-Turner

    state cyclocross champion Christina Probert-Turner

  • Velocious coaching athlete Rhonda Wright

    Nebraska snow bike racer Rhonda Wright

  • Velocious coaching athlete Carl Grove

    world and national road and time trial champion Carl Grove

  • Velocious coaching athlete Carson Miller

    US pro Carson Miller leading the peloton at the US Pro Cycling Challenge

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With over fifteen years of combined coaching experience and dozens of athletes from all cycling disciplines, Velocious coaches Tim Cusick and Kathy Watts will help you meet and surpass your cycling dreams and goals. Whether you're a world or national champion, and athlete preparing for your first race or century ride, or anywhere in between, we can help you! Your fitness will climb, your performance will increase, and your riding style and strategy will improve until suddenly you'll be out in front! We'll share your progress with you through weekly or biweekly online meetings, and we'll celebrate with you in every local group ride or national podium.
  • Tim Cusick cycling coach Velocious Endurance Coaching

    Coach Tim Cusick

  • Tim Cusick

    master coach

  • Tim Cusick is the TrainingPeaks WKO4 product leader

    TrainingPeaks WKO4 product leader

  • Tim Cusick coaches world-caliber cyclists

    coaches world caliber cyclists

Coach Tim Cusick
If you're looking for a coach who knows his stuff, you've found him. Tim has developed more national and world champions in ten years of coaching than most other coaches in the USA. Tim's background in business consulting and his personal experience with cycling have given him an amazing ability to combine the science of coaching with the art of coaching. He is currently the product leader and developer for WKO4, the go-to analytical software for endurance training; working with Dr. Andy Coggan and programmer Kevin Williams keeps him on the cutting edge of endurance training and coaching, interacting with dozens of top coaches and teams throughout the world as he educates them to use new analytics to better their own athletes. 

Tim has been an athlete his entire life, beginning with football, wrestling, ice hockey, and track in his high school and college years, and moving on to cycling in all disciplines in his adult years. Tim started out racing mountain bikes at an elite level on the NORBA circuit and branched out into road, TT, and cyclocross racing. Right now he just loves to ride; he trains and competes locally at the Wednesday Night Worlds, all of course while gearing up for our annual Velocious camps and events.

Kathy Watts
Kathy has been a cyclist as long as she can remember. She got her first ten-speed bike in eighth grade, and it was downhill from there. She's ridden all styles of bikes and entered all styles of races. She mountain biked into her 30s at an elite level with a state championship title, then switched to road racing in her 40s, earning a state title and a successful nationals run in the time trial. 

After twenty-four years of running her own outdoor and bicycle retail business, she started working with Peaks Coaching Group as an elite coach and the PCG athlete-coach coordinator. Kathy loves coaching because it is an incredible way to combine years of empirical cycling knowledge with new power analytics and diagnostics to help dozens of excited athletes reach their cycling potential.

Kathy enjoys working with athletes who are passionate about their goals, big or small! She loves supporting her athletes in many ways; not just meeting (or exceeding) their cycling goals and dreams, but also dealing with life and stress and finding the balance that makes them happy.
  • Velocious Endurance cycling coach Kathy Watts

    Power coach Watts

  • Velocious Endurance cycling coach Kathy Watts

    at Track Nationals with Carl Grove

  • Tim Cusick enjoys coaching masters cyclists

    Enjoys coaching masters

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