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Power Training Camps and Cycling Adventures 

Whether you're a recreational cyclist looking for an exotic cycling experience or a serious racer wanting to advance your training knowledge and skills, we have a cycling camp to meet your needs. Cyclists and triathletes of all levels are welcome at all our camps, as we accommodate different distances and pace riding each day. Our adventure cycling camps combine base mile training with rides to interesting destinations and fun stops to enjoy local culture. Our power training cycling camps blend training and riding with in-depth power education for both coaches and self-coached athletes, helping you get stronger, faster, and smarter!

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Guadeloupe cycling camp vacation
2018 TBA
Caribbean Guadeloupe
Caribbean Adventure Camp
Gran Canaria cycling camp
February 2017 - SOLD OUT
Gran Canaria
Canary Island Adventure Camp
Mallorca cycling camp
April 2017 - SOLD OUT
Mallorca Adventure
Mallorca Adventure Camp
Mallorca power training camp
March 2017 
Mallorca Power
Mallorca Power Training Camp
Greenville power cycling camp
October 2017 
South Carolina
Greenville Power Training Camp
Boulder power cycling camp
October 2017 
Boulder Power Training Camp

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Our  adventure and power training cycling camps combine adventure, learning, and fun in exotic locations!  
We've designed our cycling camps for passionate cyclists of all fitness and skill levels, from beginning to advanced riders. It is our goal at each camp to immerse cyclists and triathletes in the pro training experience. We'll take you to the best cycling locations, offer you quality training, and introduce you to local culture, all structured around fitness and training rides that will make your cycling camp as much fun as a vacation. 

At our adventure camps, you get more free time to explore and have fun while still getting on-the-road coaching and skills building. Our power training camps include afternoon power education sessions to help you use your data to get stronger and faster! 

Our ride leaders (including pro cyclists Scott Moninger, Amber Neben, and Brig Brandt) are all USAC-certified coaches who will help you develop your training and performance skills while building your fitness in amazing locations like Mallorca, Gran Canaria, the French Caribbean Guadeloupe Islands, Boulder, Sonoma, Solvang, Santa Monica, Asheville, Greenville, and anywhere else you want to go.
cyclists climbing road at cycling camps in Gran Canaria
Mallorca cycling camps
All of our guides are USA Cycling coaches and ride with you each day!
Spend a week with the Velocious team, and you'll understand why our coaches are so good at what they do. Not only will you be fitter and stronger, you'll also be able to descend better, climb more efficiently, and ride in a paceline more comfortably. Learn from the best! Know when to conserve and when to give it all. As coach and ex-pro Scott Moninger says, "It's not the strongest guy who wins the race, it's the smartest!"
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