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Our sponsor partners are a crucial part of our adventure travel. As cyclists, whether racers, sport riders, or adventure travelers, we're all looking for the best products and companies to make the most of our riding journeys. The sponsors listed below aren't just products, though. These are companies whose gear, clothing, and products we have personally tested in our travels,  training, and trips. We use them, endorse them, and want to share them with you so you can love them as much as we do.

sponsor partner Smith helmets
Smith Helmets

Today's riders are going faster, farther, and more aggressively than their predecessors. Tomorrow's riders will wear Smith.

Smith Bike Helmets are designed to fuel experiences beyond walls through advanced technologies that are tuned with specific rider demands in mind.

Cyclist wearing Smith helmet
Check out Smith Helmets
  • Smith Overtake helmet for cycling camps

    the Overtake

  • Smith Forefront helmet for cycling camps

    the Forefront

  • Smith Route helmet for cycling camps

    the Route

  • Smith Rover helmet for cycling camps

    the Rover

Featuring the Overtake
Overtake your competition with this revolutionary new helmet. Providing maximum ventilation, superior aerodynamics, and improved protection, the Overtake is the ultimate racing helmet and a must-have for any cyclist in any event. Integrating proprietary technologies with best-in-class protection options, the AEROCORE™ construction featuring Koroyd® and MIPS® optional linings make the Overtake your ticket to ride.

  • Skratch fruit drops

    all-natural fruit drops

  • Skratch electrolyte drink mix

    all-natural electrolyte drink mix

  • Skratch fruit chews

    natural fruit chews

Skratch Products are
all natural!  
Electrolyte Drink Mixes  
Fruit Drops
Feedzone Cookbooks 
and Lots More 
Check out Skratch Labs
sponsor partner Skratch Labs
Skratch Labs
The mission at Skratch Labs is to provide inspiration, life skills, and products to help people take better care of themselves and their families. Taking care of oneself and those we love isn’t always easy. But that’s okay, because the way Skratch sees it, there’s nothing more satisfying and grounding than putting in the time, care, and effort to solve life’s challenges.   

A few years back, Allen Lim (a sport scientist and coach for  professional cycling teams) realized that too many of the pre-packaged sports bars and drinks marketed or given to his cyclists were laden with artificial ingredients and were literally making them sick to their stomachs. So Lim started making his own training food and sports drink from scratch for the cyclists he worked with. Preparing natural food and drinks for them gave Lim the opportunity to refine his recipes to develop food and drink products based on real-world science and practice; food and drink that taste great, that are made from real ingredients, and that optimize performance for both sport and life. 

That's how Skratch Labs was born. Lim also teamed up with Chef Biju Thomas and wrote a cookbook called The Feed Zone to teach riders how to cook fresh, simple meals for themselves using real, wholesome ingredients. 

Skratch Labs is all about natural, healthy ingredients. Whether it's their awesome electrolyte drink mix, yummy fruit drops, cookie mix, or DIY cookbook, Skratch Labs will make your cycling races, events, and adventures healthier!

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  • Bike case for cycling camp

    simple and easy to pack

  • Bike case for cycling camp

    choose your favorite color

  • Bike case for cycling camp

    customize with your favorite logos

  • Bike case for cycling camp

    easy to wheel around the airport

Benefits of a BikeBoxAlan
  • You'll buy direct from the manufacturer
  • The only bike box with a 7-year guarantee
  • Unique one-piece steel anti-crush pole
  • Dual-purpose tool bag/saddle bag
  • Fits all bikes
  • 29"er compatible (see Technical Page)
  • Custom graphics: your name, flag, and bike brand
  • Takes 10 minutes to pack
  • 15 cushioned Velcro straps secure your bike safely
Check out BikeBox Alan
sponsor partner BikeBoxAlan
Need to invest in a travel bike case? Well, look no further. BikeBoxAlan  is our recommended travel case. It's easy to pack and protects your bike from crazy baggage handlers, and it comes in all sorts of bright colors; you'll spot yours in the airport right away. You can even keep track of your bike by GPS

BikeBoxAlan awards

sponsor partner PowerTap
PowerTap set the industry standard for cycling power meters years ago. Now they're taking their tech to the podium once again, introducing PowerTap chain rings and PowerTap pedals with the unmatched durability and accuracy of the PowerTap hub. Connect everything with their Joule GPS+ cycling computer and PowerAgent analysis software to uncover the edge you need to do what they do: leave everyone else behind.
Cyclist using PowerTap power meter
  • PowerTap pedals for cycling camp in Spain

    PowerTap pedals

  • PowerTap hub for cycling camp in Spain

    PowerTap hub

  • PowerTap chain ring for cycling camp in Spain

    PowerTap chain ring

Powertap - the most accurate measure of power, conviction, and obsession
Check out PowerTap

sponsor partner ErgVideo
Erg Video is the best indoor training solution on the market today. Owner Paul Smeulders has designed and developed ErgVideo to revolutionize indoor winter training and get rid of the dreaded trainer doldrums. 

EgVideo is completely different from other video training simulations. Rather than simulate just a course profile, ErgVideo presents the actual power profile of the riders shown in the video. You configure the difficulty of the ride by entering your unique threshold power (FTP). Each rider in a group session will set a different FTP. Your CompuTrainer or Wahoo Kickr automatically adjusts the load presented by each unit so that all riders will execute the same workout at the same time while watching the same video display. Each rider feels like the hero in the video adventure, the point-of-view cameraman. Whether you have one CompuTrainer/Wahoo or several, each rider receives exactly the same training benefit from the workout because it is keyed to his or her own FTP. 

Improve your winter training this year with ErgVideo. You'll be ready for your 2017 event, race, or adventure camp and having more fun!

Paul is a coach and guide on our Velocious camp team. Join him and the rest of the team at our cycling camps in Gran Canaria and Mallorca.
  • Paul Smeulders cycling camp coach and guide

    Paul Smeulders setting up an ErgVideo

  • ErgVideo Haute cycling workout ride

    climb the Haute Route

  • ErgVideo cycling workout ride

    Feel like you're climbing with the group

  • ErgVideo cycling ride workout

    everyone rides at their own pace

  • ErgVideo cycling ride workout

    watch your data, the course, and the video

ErgVideo Highlights
Best indoor training solution
Works with CompuTrainer and Wahoo Kickrs 
Hundreds of videos to choose from
     Workouts featuring Scott Moninger
Ride with Coach Paul at our camps
Find out more about ErgVideo

  • Kallisto custom cycling kits for cycling camps

    FCL Kallisto-made team kit

  • Kallisto custom cycling kits for cycling camps

    quality kits at an awesome price

  • Kallisto custom cycling kits for cycling camps

    women's FLV kits

  • Kallisto custom cycling kits for cycling camps

    Kallisto owner and former world champion, Peter Mazur

Kallisto - the direct solution for custom cycling apparel
Check out Kallisto's kits
sponsor partner Kallisto custom technical apparel
Precision and quality are two words used daily at every point of production at Kallisto Sportswear. They strive to make each piece of clothing the best they can be, and they take no shortcuts in either production methods or material selection. Graphics, printing, sublimation, cutting, and sewing are all done at Kallisto. Unlike most production facilities, speed isn't the most important aspect; quality is.

Kallisto Sportswear was founded by Peter Mazur, a Canadian-born, former professional cyclist. Peter is a former world time trial champion and a multiple Polish champion with over twenty years of cycling experience. Peter brought with him into the custom cycling clothing world his dynamic cycling experience and endless production possibilities, a combination that has developed quality products with competitive prices to allow clubs all over the world to present themselves professionally at any level.

We have worked with Peter and Kallisto for over five years, building custom kits meant to last, at the best prices around. Peter is easy to work with, and with little input from us he creates terrific designs for our Velocious Cycling Adventure kits.

Shorten the road between you and your producer. Get your club or team order today!

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