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Nutrition consulting with Anne Guzman

Anne Guzman works with both individual athletes and groups, teaching athletes how to best use nutrition and alter eating behaviors, as a powerful tool to improve performance, recovery, and overall health. Anne works with all levels of athletes from beginners to professionals, supporting them to reach their various athletic goals. 

Anne comes from a background of kinesiology and is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Sports Nutrition Consultant. Her personal experience both as a varsity freestyle wrestler and racing at the professional level in road racing, have helped Anne to relate closely to the intricacies that are involved in Sports Nutrition.  Having been there herself, Anne relates closely to the needs of the athlete and challenges that are often presented from both a time perspective as well as practicality, including being on the road at the elite level with extensive travel.

Anne teaches and practices backed with cutting edge science and has a strong ability to translate that science into practical and applicable information that clients find simple to execute in their daily routines.  An innate motivator, Anne will keep you accountable for your actions, while reminding you along the way how far you have progressed.  While working with Anne you will learn to manage your sports nutrition, your eating behaviors within specific contexts as well as becoming more in tune with your body’s needs.  Most of all you will learn skills that you can carry with you throughout your life and athletic career.
Nutrition Consulting Analysis Package
Based on your goals as determined by Assessment Questionnaire and 3 Day Food Journal

$450 for 3 hours of time ($150.00 per hour)
• 1 hour of research
• 1 hour of analysis
• 1 hour online meeting to review and discuss the findings  

This consultation package includes:
• Review of your 3 day food journal and health concerns and performance/health goals
• Identify areas for change in daily nutrition & eating behaviours based on information provided 
• Identify areas for change for performance nutrition (during training) 

Action Plan
• Actionable nutrition goals that can be measured through food journals from the client
• Recommended nutrient timing strategies based on your training plan
• Recommended changes in eating behavior (eating meals, cooking, context of eating)
• Outline short term and long term goals, with realistic timelines to implement changes

The Consultation Package will leave you with detailed guidance on how many macro-nutrients you should be consuming based on your current training level, timing of intakes and specific recommendations based on the information provided as well as examples of high quality food choices. 

Note:  A specific meal plan is not provided as part of a consultation package and is a custom option you can choose to progress to after completing the initial package.
Custom  Nutrition
Once the Nutrition Consulting Analysis Package has been completed, if you're interested, Anne can work with you on a bi weekly or monthly consultation basis, reviewing your food journals and adjusting your nutrition, continuing to support your ongoing training plan for each period of your season (off season, race season).  If it is determined that you need a custom “meal plan,” Anne will create a 1-2 week sample plan based on your specific needs.  Due to a wide range of nutritional needs (dairy free, gluten free, vegetarian), costs will vary. Each custom nutrition plan will also include 45 minutes to cover the plan layout over the phone.  Follow up consultations can be booked as a package or individually for ongoing nutrition support.  

Consultation options are as follows: 
Individual Consultations (after the initial consult)- $99 per hour 
Consultation Bundle of 4 (billed up front) - $360 per bundle. 
Bundle must be used within 4 months (1 per month) to continue client progress. Option to split into 30 or 60 min sessions.
Customized 1-2 week nutrition plans- sports nutrition plan, stage race nutrition plan, and pre-race day/race day 48 hour plan. Cost dependent on specific needs from each client (food restrictions and diet types ex. Dairy free, gluten free, vegetarian etc.)- TBD

Anne is flexible in creating new options, should clients wish to ask for further customization.

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Anne Guzman

NSAG (Nutrition Solutions  Anne Guzman) has a mission to educate clients and create practical custom and pre-made Sports Nutrition and Holistic Nutrition Plans to help athletes reach peak performance and optimal health. NSAG also works with other populations including clients with inflammatory disease, allergies, diabetes, hypoglycemia and other health related issues, as well as those wishing to improve overall health and alter their weight. 

NSAG has and continues to work with World Champions, Professional Athletes, National Champions, State Champions and also recreational athletes and active people who are looking to stay healthy and have a good quality of life with optimal energy. 

Not everyone has the same metabolism, tastes for foods, reactions to foods or lifestyles. NSAG aims to make your program work for you. It is important that you enjoy the foods and recipes on your plan and that they fit your lifestyle and goals, whether you are on the road racing or at home and busy with a family and work commitments. 

NSAG believes in clean and simple eating and getting back to real foods, rather than following the trends of processed low nutrient food choices that fill our supermarket shelves today. NSAG makes a point to educate clients on the benefits of eating whole foods as well as helping clients understand modern day myths about nutrition and diets which are often perpetuated by the media. 

NSAG is owned and operated by Anne Guzman. As a health and fitness enthusiast and long-time athlete, Anne’s interest in human kinetics led her to the University of Western Ontario where she graduated with her degree in Kinesiology. Following this Anne attended the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and is also a Sports Nutritionist with the AFPA. 

Anne believes that athletes often undermine their hard training by not fueling their bodies with proper nutrition nor timing their nutrient intake optimally for maximal performance gains. Anne helps athletes to get the extra edge in their sports by teaching clients sound routines that they can carry with them throughout their race seasons, while also creating customized plans for them based on their training and racing schedules. 

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