Mallorca Cycling Adventure

Mallorca 2018 

March 31st - April 15th 

Mallorca Adventure Training Camp at a Glance


Adventure Training Camp
March 31-April 7 
April 8 - April 15
4 Star Hotel / VivaBlue
Avg Daily Distance: 95kms
Climbing: Varied 
Education: Optional, daily programs

Camp Highlights  

Our Mallorca Adventure Training Camp is focused on a subtle blend of great riding, beautiful scenery, developing on the bike skills and learning about training. 
  • Complete the infamous climbs of Mallorca; Sa Calobra, Battala, Fremina, Randa de Cura and more
  • Personalized coaching to improve your cycling technique and training knowledge

Mallorca Packages

Standard Package $1,699
  • 7 Nights Lodging at VivaBlue Hotel in Premium, 2 room suite
  • Bike storage and maintenance for either rental or personal bikes
  • Fully supported and guides rides each day, 3-4 groups of varying paces
Premium Package $2,299
  • 7 Night Lodging at VivaBlue Hotel in rooftop premium 2 room suite featuring rooftop deck, hot tub, outdoor lining area and more
  • Full luxury services including laundry, and more
  • Bike storage and maintenance for either rental or personal bikes.
  • Fully supported and guides rides each day, 3-4 groups of varying paces 



Bike Transport / Rental

Adventure Training Cycling Camp in Mallorca, Spain  
Each town in Mallorca has its own unique style with quaint narrow streets, a center square, and inspiring architecture. The middle of the island is flat and rolling, with stone fences lining miles of olive orchards and lush farm fields dotted with orange and lemon trees. The Tramuntana Mountains loom in the background, waiting for you to climb them. The gradual grades, smooth winding roads, low car traffic, and warm temperatures make this sunny island a dream come true for cyclists and triathlon riders.

The best blend of great coaching, training and having fun!
  • Coaches on the road each day helping to teach new skills
  • Diverse riding: from flat and fast inland roads to challenging mountain climbs to exhilarating descents
  • Incredible scenery everywhere makes your training fun: stonewalled country orchards, gorgeous undulating farm valleys, and breathtaking mountaintop views
  • Ride groups for all levels of cyclists: challenge yourself or take an easy day
  • Optional evening programs will enrich your training knowledge
The Rides 
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The Commaradrie 
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The Adventure 
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