A Typical Day at a Velocious Training Cycling Camp

Are you curious how a typical day at our winter cycling camps plays out? We'll understand completely if you want to take the day off with your spouse to go exploring or simply relax by the pool, but here's what you can expect from a normal day at our cycling camp.  
Join the group for a breakfast buffet including a variety of hot foods prepared fresh at the cook stations. You'll find all your favorites foods and more: eggs, pancakes, yogurt, cereal, fruits, and other healthy choices. Feel free to splurge with a fresh croissant or pastry. Fill your cup with hot coffee any way you like it: americana, espresso, con leche, and more! If you're a late sleeper, don't worry; breakfast is ready when you are and available until 9:00 AM.
Dining at cycling camp in Spain
Man working on bicycle
We take care of all bike prep 
You don't need to worry about your bike. Our mechanics will build your bike upon arrival and take care of it throughout the week, keeping it clean, lubed, and ready to go each morning before the ride. 
Morning skills classes 
If you're interested in polishing up your bike-handling skills, our coaches will host drill sessions after breakfast on cornering, descending,  group paceline practice, and more. Just let us know if there's anything specific you'd like to work on, and we'll build it in. 
cyclist riding around a cone
cyclists riding at cycling camp in Spain
Heading out for the day's ride 
The daily ride usually begins at about 11:00 a.m. Some long days start earlier, but we like to give everyone a leisurely morning filling up on breakfast before a fun day of riding. We will provide a selection of ride food, water, and drink mixes ready for your water bottle and back pockets. You choose your group based on whatever pace you want to ride each day. If you want to go on a leisurely ride one day and a fast ride the next, that's fine with us.   
During the ride 
All rides start out at warm-up pace and ease up to the announced group pace. Destinations each day usually revolve around a lunch cafe stop, sometimes at the top of a mountain and other times in a village square. As we approach a climb, we let you take it at your own pace; we'll regroup at the top. The top provides awesome opportunities to take pictures, because there are vistas galore. Each group leader knows the best spots for nature breaks along the way.
Olives cheese pam boli lunch at cafe at cycling camp in Spain
Cafe lunch stop
Bring along a few Euros for our cafe stop. Not only is it a great way to recharge for the afternoon part of the ride, but it's also part of the Spanish bike culture. Every town has bike cafes serving sandwiches (pam boli is pictured at left), pasta, cake, and coffee. Enjoy the sunshine, good food, and new friends in a quaint, green, shuttered village.
Afternoon island exploration off the bike
If you are interested in seeing parts of the island that you can't see on a bike, we offer several afternoon options for the hobby/tour group (or anyone in the other groups looking for a non ride day).  Visit one of the spectacular local sites -- castles, churches, ruins -- or go on a hike to see incredible natural vistas.  Our travel coordinator, Kathy will organize a group tour or help you organize a private day. 
Historic architecture seen during cycling camp in Spain
Evening drinks during cycling camp
After-ride relaxation and dinner
The evening is yours! You can join the coaches and your fellow riders for an after-ride drink at the bar, schedule a massage at the spa, take a nap by the pool, or head to the village to do some shopping. As the day winds down, you'll be hungry for dinner around 7:00 p.m. You're welcome to eat with the group or enjoy a private meal with your spouse.

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