One-on-One Consulting with Tim Cusick

Tim Cusick's passion as a coach is sharing knowledge and educating fellow athletes and coaches. He coaches numerous pros and masters athletes on an ongoing basis, and he consults with hundreds more, providing the training ideas and protocol they need to take their own training to the next level. As the TrainingPeaks WKO4 product leader, Tim stays on the cutting edge of coaching and coach training, working with programmer Kevin Williams to bring to life the newest innovations in individualized training with the power-duration curve in WKO4. Tim has created dozens of free webinars for TrainingPeaks to help coaches and athletes understand and implement these new training methodologies.

Tim’s fee for consulting is $150 per hour, with packages generally beginning with 3 hours as described below. 
Review and Analysis Package
Based on your goals and desired success 

$450 for 3 hours of time
• 1 hour of research
• 1 hour of analysis
• 1 hour online meeting to review and discuss the findings  

This consultation package includes:

• Review of your historical training
• Identification of key physiological performance traits
• Identification of your training/performance strengths and weaknesses

Action Plan
• Specific recommendations to improve your performance
• Specific needs analysis 
• Recommended training edits or changes
• Recommended training volume and periodization
Custom Training Plan Package
16- to 20-week training plan included

$450 for 3 hours of time
• 1 hour of research
• 1.5 hour of customization
• 30-minute online meeting to review and discuss 

Once the Review and Analysis Package has been completed, if you're interested, Tim will customize a 16- to 20-week training plan for your upcoming season. This is a pre-written, one-time plan designed to give you a structured build for your next cycling season based on your unique training hours, event goals, training limiters and strengths. This plan will be specifically targeted to your key event goal. 

If it is determined that your needs are too complex for a pre-written plan and a full-time coach will be required, Tim will be happy to discuss other options with you.  

Coach Tim Cusick
If you're looking for a coach who knows his stuff, you've found him. Tim has developed more national and world champions in ten years of coaching than most other coaches in the USA. Tim's background in business consulting and his personal experience with cycling have given him an amazing ability to combine the science of coaching with the art of coaching. He is currently the TrainingPeaks WKO4 product leader and co-developer; working with Dr. Andy Coggan and programmer Kevin Williams keeps him on the cutting edge of endurance training and coaching, interacting with dozens of top coaches and teams throughout the world as he educates them to use new analytics to better their own athletes. 

Tim has been an athlete his entire life, beginning with football, wrestling, ice hockey, and track in his high school and college years, and moving on to cycling in all disciplines in his adult years. Tim started out racing mountain bikes at an elite level on the NORBA circuit and branched out into road, TT, and cyclocross racing. Right now he just loves to ride; he trains and competes locally at the Wednesday Night Worlds, all of course while gearing up for our annual Velocious camps and events.

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